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Our goal is simple – to make the greatest clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces from the finest material possible for Classical musicians.  The all new range of Chedeville mouthpieces is now available.
Since the acquisition of the famous Chedeville company, Jody Espina and his advisory team of experienced players and educators have been working around the clock to develop the new range of Chedeville mouthpieces. The Chedeville company was originally founded in Paris in the early 1920’s, crafting their mouthpieces from super-resonant premium rod rubber. Now under the leadership of Jody Espina, Chedeville mouthpieces are once again available using the original Chedeville rod rubber recipe, reformulated after years of painstaking historical research.
For over two years Jody had been developing Classical Clarinet and Saxophone mouthpieces and has now combined his designs with ‘Chedeville Rubber’, and certain aspects of the original Chedeville models. All the mouthpieces in the range made from this proprietary hard rubber bear the ‘CHR’ mark.  If you don’t see the symbol CHR on the mouthpiece, it’s not made from genuine ‘Chedeville Rubber’
Available first is the Chedeville Elite Series Bb Clarinet mouthpieces and the Chedeville RC Series Saxophone mouthpieces offering Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone models. Each of these models is available in a comprehensive selection of tip openings. Ultimately the Chedeville line will offer a complete selection of Classical Clarinet and Classical Saxophone Mouthpieces.
New Chedeville and Kaspar Clarinet Barrels are also now available, the first of several new Clarinet and Saxophone Accessory products that will be introduced.
We invite you to become a part of a bright new chapter in the storied history of this famous company.

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The Chedeville “Umbra” Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece creates a beautiful dark sound full of rich colors. The Umbra is darker in sound color than our Elite model and also has less resistance, a combination that is seldom found in a clarinet mouthpiece. Because the mouthpiece doesn't add resistance, you will have no limits in dynamics, colors, or articulation.


The Chedeville SAV Clarinet Mouthpiece combines the best qualities of our Umbra and Elite models. The SAV has the beautiful dark warmth of the Umbra with the free blowing clean articulation of the Elite. We took everything we have learned from our previous mouthpieces and rolled them into one amazing mouthpiece that is priced so that serious students can afford it.


The Chedeville Elite Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece creates a warm beautiful clarinet tone with excellent control and intonation. Characteristic of the Elite series, it produces a warm yet strong, full tone with unsurpassed playability.


The new Kaspar CB1 Clarinet Barrels are designed to add power and projection to the clarinet sound while decreasing resistance. The unique hourglass shape of the outside of the barrel was inspired by the interior shape which is the design element most influential in the sound projection of the barrel. The outside hourglass shape further increases resonance by reducing the thickness of the material at the center of the barrel. The Hard-Anodized Aluminum construction gives the Kaspar CB1 Clarinet Barrels their powerful sound and greater projection and because it’s Aluminum, they are also lighter than traditional barrels.

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