Chedeville Trial Policy

3 Week Trial Policy when ordering direct from us:

Here is our trial policy when ordering direct from us: customer purchases one mouthpiece and may try up to 2 additional mouthpieces. Mouthpieces must be returned to us in new condition within 3 weeks from the day that we ship out to you. That means you need to leave time for the mouthpiece to travel back to us within three weeks. In the event that you return all of the mouthpieces, a full refund will be issued on the original purchase price minus $8.50 shipping charges for domestic orders ($49.95 for UPS Worldwide Expedited). When returning mouthpieces please ship using insured mail and ensure that all accessories and original paperwork are included.

If you are ordering one mouthpiece from us you can order directly from the website. If you would like to do a trial with more than one mouthpiece please contact us at +1 912-964-4705 or email

  • Restocking Fees:

If the returned mouthpiece is scratched, marked or defective in any way, you will be charged a 20% refurbishment and restocking fee. The returned mouthpiece will be thoroughly inspected by our quality team and if any scratches or blemishes are found, however small, the restocking fee will be charged. There are no exceptions to the restocking fee policy. So please be ultra-careful of the mouthpiece during the trial period. Hard rubber mouthpieces can scratch very easily. Metal ligatures will almost certainly cause scratches, as can many types of synthetic reed, so our advice is not to use either during the trial period. We think that it is a privilege to be able to have a free trial of a mouthpiece of this caliber and we expect that our customers will be extremely careful during the trial process.

Chedeville Trial Returns Address

JodyJazz Inc.
Attn: Chedeville Trial Returns
1335 Lynah Ave., Suite 112
Savannah, GA 31408