In an exciting development for clarinet enthusiasts, Chedeville proudly unveils its latest addition to the lineup – the Chedeville Kanter Cinema. This masterpiece is the result of a collaboration with the internationally acclaimed clarinetist and mouthpiece maker, James Kanter.

James Kanter, a pivotal figure in the musical world for over forty years, has left an indelible mark on the industry. With a career spanning both the Motion Picture and TV recording studios and the concert field, Kanter’s contribution is reflected in nearly 1,500 Motion Picture scores and hundreds of TV shows. Additionally, he served as the principal clarinetist for the Pacific Symphony Orchestra for twenty-three seasons and was a founding member of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

The Chedeville Kanter Cinema is not just a mouthpiece; it is a sublime creation meticulously designed by James Kanter himself. Positioned in the middle of tip openings and facing designs, this mouthpiece offers versatility for a variety of musical styles.

James Kanter shares his enthusiasm, stating, “This is really going to work well. It’s a mouthpiece that will work very, very well for a variety of things.

The collaboration between James Kanter and Chedeville holds significant meaning for both parties. Kanter expresses his honor at being associated with the renowned Chedeville brand, stating, “At this point, the legacy, what it means to me to be a part of that is way beyond words, and so that Jody and I are collaborating, that he thought to ask me to be a part of it, is an honor that I can’t be more grateful for.”

Jody Espina, President of Chedeville, acknowledges the unique qualities of the Kanter Cinema, emphasizing Kanter’s expertise. He expresses gratitude for Kanter’s contribution, saying, “I’m very proud of this and really grateful to Jim Kanter for doing this project with us.”

As James Kanter puts it, this is a sublime mouthpiece. It is very comfortable to play and features an incredibly precise response. It produces a rich, focused sound with considerable depth. It’s a flexible, versatile, all-around mouthpiece. We really encourage you to try it.

The Chedeville Kanter Cinema is a game-changer for clarinetists, combining the legacy of Chedeville with the unparalleled expertise of James Kanter. Clarinet enthusiasts are invited to experience the sublime quality of this exceptional mouthpiece firsthand.

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