You are about to enter our world of Clarinet mouthpieces.

We have worked tirelessly to create great and unique clarinet mouthpieces to meet the needs of every player from professional to serious students. Whether you play in Concert band, Clarinet Ensemble, Soloist, Symphonic band… from Modern Music to Baroque, you should be able to find a Chedeville Clarinet Mouthpiece which will not hinder you but will allow you to achieve what you are trying to do musically and beyond.


An exclusive collaboration with legendary studio musician and famed mouthpiece maker James Kanter. The Chedeville Kanter Cinema Clarinet mouthpiece has a beautiful warm sound while being very flexible. The Kanter Cinema model works very well for a variety of settings. It stands in the middle of tip openings and facing designs and appeals to more players than any other mouthpiece in the Chedeville range. “This is a sublime mouthpiece.”- Jim Kanter


The Chedeville “Umbra” Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece creates a beautiful dark sound full of rich colors. The Umbra is darker in sound color than our Elite model and also has less resistance, a combination that is seldom found in a clarinet mouthpiece. Because the mouthpiece doesn't add resistance, you will have no limits in dynamics, colors, or articulation.


The Chedeville “Elite” Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece creates a crisp strong clarinet tone that still has a beauty to it in its clean approach. Excellent control and intonation come with a free blowing nature with easy articulation. The medium length classic “Chedeville facing curve” produces a warm yet strong full tone with playability that is unsurpassed.

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The Chedeville SAV Clarinet Mouthpiece combines the best qualities of our Umbra and Elite models. The SAV has the beautiful dark warmth of the Umbra with the free blowing clean articulation of the Elite. We took everything we have learned from our previous mouthpieces and rolled them into one amazing mouthpiece that is priced so that serious students can afford it.


The Chedeville Elite Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece creates a warm beautiful clarinet tone with excellent control and intonation. Characteristic of the Elite series, it produces a warm yet strong, full tone with unsurpassed playability.


The SAV Bass creates a beautiful robust sound with free-blowing, clear articulation. Like the Elite Series Bass model, the SAV Bass produces a warm yet strong, full tone with unsurpassed playability. While priced so that serious students can afford it, the SAV Bass is an excellent choice for any level of player.

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