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Great mouthpiece
"I bought a Chedeville Umbra F1 clarinet mouthpiece from you at the clarinet festival in Reno this summer. I just wanted to let you know that has been a great mouthpiece. The sound is rich and full. It gives great flexibility, great response . It has stabilized my altissimo register. In short it is a great mouthpiece. Thanks also for your time in helping me select it. My reeds are lasting longer too."
-Gary Flowers
My Chedeville Clarinet mouthpieces have changed my life, literally life without limits!
"Visiting your NAMM booth has literally changed my life, not just on a business level, the power rings and my Chedeville Clarinet mouthpieces, literally life without limits! I just finished some recordings and really can't believe it's me. THANKS SO MUCH!"
-Mike Canady - American Music Co., Fresno CA
Exceptional mouthpiece and worth every penny!
"This mouthpiece is everything I was looking for in a classical tenor mouthpiece. It has a beautiful, smooth, warm tone, as well as a consistent sound and quality throughout the entire range of the horn. Articulation and dynamics are effortless. I was blown away by how responsive this mouthpiece is. Every note speaks easily and perfectly, and intonation is spot on. Worth every penny!"
-Kabel Stanwicks
This mouthpiece is a jewel.
"Hello, I'm French and I was looking for a mouthpiece for my clarinet with a sound that I like. I discovered Chedeville mouthpiece tests on the "Cleverclarinetist" website. Impossible to find these mouthpieces in France. Luckily I bought it in Germany. The sound is magnificent, round, full and above all fair. I only play him. My music teacher is also very happy with the build quality and sound quality. This mouthpiece is a jewel. So I am writing from France to say thank you and congratulations"
Unbelievable. Versatile. Perfect.
"For decades I had avoided the saxophone because I didn't like the harsh, squealy rock sound I associated with the instrument. Then I heard Desmond, and Rascher, and my idea about what the sax could be changed. I had a sound in my head, and an idea of what I wanted to sound like, but I couldn't find it. I bought a small collection of mouthpieces including the exact model Desmond played in search of that sound and never found it. Then I had the privilege to meet Jody Espina. I was a relative newcomer and didn't know what I wanted, so he patiently had me play multiple pieces and listened to how I tried to sound. I was a budding jazz musician, and he had a range of jazz mouthpieces. He suggested one piece, then another - as much an artisan as an engineer. Then he reached under the counter for some prototypes. And bang, there it was. I've spent some time with it since recording my first album, and I've really been able to dial in the sound. I don't play many notes - after a teenage period of speed metal, I was far more interested in playing songs - more slowly and with emotion and range. With that in mind, the tone absolutely has to be there. I got it, and it's gotten better. I didn't buy a soprano sax until I knew the Chedeville would give it a duduk-like or oboeish sound. With the tenor piece I found I could get a classic jazz sound in the lower register, and a softer, almost flutelike note in the upper. I don't know what alchemy is in these things, but everything else I ever bought is in a drawer someplace. You don't have to be a classical player to play these, at all, in fact you owe it to yourself just to see what it can do. But I'll admit it makes me sound great playing that theme from Holst's "Jupiter". Chedeville is an absolute DELIGHT to play, and you really have to hear it to understand why."
-Jack Phantom
Elite is an understatement for the Chedeville Bass Clarinet mouthpiece.
"Elite is an understatement for the Chedeville Bass Clarinet mouthpiece. I spent five hours with four of these Chedeville Elite Bass Clarinet mouthpieces when I first brought them home to choose one, but the very first note I played at the dealer turned heads and blew away ears. I was speechless. I have a great bass clarinet mouthpiece collection, but there is nothing anywhere like these. The combination of instant response, effortless register leaps, shimmering warmth and liquidity in the upper register, chocolate covered caramel in the chalumeau, crystal clear articulation, robust power and pure pianissimos has to be heard to be believed. So…try one of these out and become a believer. I was astonished…you will be too."
-Chuck Currie
Exceptional mouthpiece
"The Chedeville UMBRA Clarinet F1 is the best mouthpiece I have ever played. I must say that I own over a dozen mouthpieces from several mayor manufacturers and the Umbra surpassed them all in every category. The sound is beautifully dark with many undertones that makes it colorful. The response is immediate and precise, allowing for a pianissimo to a triple forte to be played effortlessly in any register and single tonguing at speeds I wasn’t able before. More importantly, the intonation is impeccable."
-Jose Treto
The new Chedeville SAV Clarinet lets your musical imagination fly!
The Chedeville SAV mouthpiece makes you feel at one with your instrument. This mouthpiece produces a rich, warm and flexible tone that lets your musical imagination fly.
-Mark Walton - Acclaimed Clarinetist & Music Educator
I can trust my mouthpiece on any given day ..
“I can trust my mouthpiece on any given day . . . amazing consistency, warm beautiful tone, dark stable core, with clarity and flexibility.”
-Russell Brown
Very free blowing and responsive in all registers.
“Very free blowing and responsive in all registers. I especially enjoyed the consistency in feel and sound color from one note to the next. I also found articulation, particularly at softer dynamics, easier than other mouthpieces I’ve tried. Solves a lot of response and tone quality issues with classical saxophone. It is a real joy to play.”
-Harry Cherrin – Amstel Quartet
Allows me to play delicately . .
“Allows me to play delicately . . . I particularly love the feeling of the low end on this mouthpiece.”
-Scott Litroff
The mouthpiece is perfect for quartet playing...
“The mouthpiece is perfect for quartet playing: all four voices are easy to hear independently, but also blend well with each other . . . articulation is very good over the whole range . . . altissimo: very easy, beautiful tone, easy to control . . . mouthpiece looks amazing!”
-Bas Apswoude – Amstel Quartet
Easiest Classical Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece I’ve played . .
“Easiest Classical Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece I’ve played . . . so much more room for volume without sacrificing clarity.”
-Scott Litroff
Flexible sound, lots of projection..
“Flexible sound, lots of projection while keeping a warm, round character . . . great sound throughout the whole register, great dynamic range.”
-Oliver Sliepen – Amstel Quartet
I am looking for three things in a mouthpiece..
“I am looking for three things in a mouthpiece . . . a dark robust tone, control, and projection . . . this mouthpiece has all of that and more.”
-Scott Litroff
I want it!
After the first 5 seconds of trying it, with big smile: “I want it!”
-Remco Jak – Amstel Quartet
Maintains warmth with ease
“Maintains warmth with ease . . . consistency between registers . . . articulation is a breeze . . . easy to focus on the music.”
-Scott Litroff